Happy sheep graze organic and grow beautiful wool

We are proud to produce sustainable, ethically sourced British wool that is 100% traceable to Gullet Farm’s own flock of sheep. 

Ensuring our animals are happy and healthy is our utmost priority, and we are repaid with wool that is soft, sumptuous and of exceptional quality. 

We do this by keeping our pastures 100% organic, without herbicides or pesticides, and seek to continually improve the habitat that nourishes our flock by sowing additional vegetation for them to graze on. As they roam the rolling green Devonshire fields that overlook our farm, every step and mouthful of grass our sheep take, contributes to the conservation of our land.

Gullet Farm wool is the best of Britain

We specialise in creating the finest wool that is unique in both colour and texture. By taking the best characteristics from each breed of sheep, we are able to create pure and blended yarns that will enhance the quality of any textile creation. Our colours are rich, creamy and beautifully natural, while to the touch, they are comfortingly soft.

We are meticulous about the way our wool is spun. Having been able to work in small batches initially, we’ve made adjustments and tweaks at the mills that have allowed us to enhance the quality of our yarn.  

Enjoy using our wool knowing it is organically grown, sheared and spun on the shores of the UK.